Research Area
  1. Fundamental understandings of electrocatalysis
  2. Developments of new electrocatalytic materials
  3. Fuel cells and electrolyzers
  4. Electrochemical synthesis of useful products
  5. Development of the new analytical techniques
The Choi group, EML, is interested in electrocatalysis and electrochemical materials for highly effective energy storage and conversion systems. Main objective of the research is a fundamental understanding of intrinsic relationships between physicochemical properties of electrocatalysts and their reaction performance. Through the developments and applications of highly advanced analytical techniques, the complex electrochemical reaction mechanisms and the factors determining the activity, selectivity, and stability of electrocatalysts are investigated. Highly active and stable electrocatalytic materials are newly designed based on these fundamental understandings, and the EML ultimately aims to apply the new materials in diverse fields of electrochemical energy systems including fuel cells, CO2/NOx electrolyzers, and etc. The EML will try to continue the development of innovative electrochemical energy storage/conversion materials for overcoming the global energy crisis through an in-depth understanding of electrocatalysis and the many scientific collaborations.

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